Professional services offered

- Cyber crisis management
- Cyber & Information security
- Crisis management & incident handling
- Strategic advisory and planning
- Organisational change
- Brand protection and anti-counterfeiting
- Travel security
- Keynote presentations

We work at executive level and support boards, top and senior management in international organisations with advice and strategic work, but often start projects and the cooperation with a presentation, workshop or brainstorming to develop trust and mutual understanding.

Your company invests a lot in business and product development
This is a natural part of developing and expanding the business and often leads to valuable assets like Intellectual Property, great products and services that should result in a healthy return on investment.

Your business may come under attack
Unfortunately companies after a while realise that the investments in these assets are stolen, undermined or in other ways impacted in a negative way by unfair competitors, smart business people or various types of criminals organisations.

Products may be systematically copied and brought illegally to the market impacting the legitimated business. Leaks of confidential and sensitive information may be disclosed. The organisation may be impacted by serious incidents leading to various types of crisis.

We assist you in fighting back
Bonefeld Business & Brand Protection is an international network company supporting companies in protecting and fighting back when things are starting to run out of control. We are often being called in as reactive firefighters, but love to work proactively with your organisation before there is a fire and ideally totally prevent fire.

Dialog & contact
Call us for an informal but confidential discussion about your needs and worries and we will be happy to provide you with feedback about what we believe can and must be done to mitigate your problems.

We look forward to hear from you.